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This year I have  had so much fun being a wedding photographer for some amazing brides and grooms and their wedding day, but this year is special and Lori is one of those reasons!  Back up to 1997 Goshen College…I met Lori this year as we embarked on our first year  at college.  We became quick friends finding ourselves at late night runs to Steak ‘n Shake, games in the dorm hallways, intramural volleyball, and well much more!  After college was over we lost touch, other than facebook, and when she contacted me I was thrilled!  You see, it’s an honor for me to even be considered to capture a day so special as a wedding day, but to be asked by a college friend and to be trusted to capture her big day, well, it’s a big deal!

Lori and Henry met through mutual friends and as their love grew they knew they had to be together for the long haul.  April 6th was a Monday, but had a special meaning.  This was the date that her mom and dad got married, and was also the date her grandparents got married!  So why not a Monday wedding!?!?  I loved it.  I got to witness Lori meeting her mother and father in law for the first time in person as they live in Africa, and what an experience that was!  The ceremony was small, but full of love and deep respect, the way Henry and Lori would look at each other is something I won’t forget!    Congratulations Lori and Henry!4Z5C66374Z5C68614Z5C6710


Natalie Joy Photography specializes in newborn, child and wedding photography in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas.

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