Just a little insight…

I ran across this article and boy is it spot on, on one of the most dreaded topics of running a photography business. I haven’t necessarily been in this exact situation, but the comment of “what kind of discount can I get” has popped up so many times.  Believe me I would love to give everyone I know a discount on my services, but I can’t. I’m a single woman working a full time job and trying to get my business in a place where one day I could have as my one and only job. Discounts or $50 sessions with digital images would never cut it…I am slowly but surely getting to the point where I value my work and my worth, but trying to get others to value it too is hard.  What she says about professional photography being an investment is exactly what it is…save up for it if it means that much to you to have quality images. I challenge you to add up all of the fluffy coffee drinks you buy each week, how many times you eat out, expensive clothes or shoes you buy…I’m sure if you did, you could afford to invest in a professional photography session to capture your beautiful family, priceless facial expressions, the love and warmth towards each other, a brand new baby’s gorgeous features that will only last for a couple weeks before he/she starts growing up before your eyes!  Isn’t it true what they say…you get what you pay for?


Now I’m not saying that I don’t have customers who value my work, because I have AMAZING clients who keep coming back and telling their friends that it is worth the investment.  For them I am grateful, and I look forward to seeing them over and over, watching their children grow up, and even welcoming another beautiful addition to their family.

I guess my point in this post is for everyone to take a look at your own job, your passion…and think, would you be able to give a discount or whatever it is for free to everyone who asks?  Just something to think about!



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